3 Reasons To Secure A Pre-Approval Letter When Shopping For A New Home

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Making the decision to purchase a new home can be exciting. Finding the right property can take a lot of time and effort, so you want to ensure that you are prepared to move quickly in order to place an offer once you find a home that meets your needs.

Taking the time to have your mortgage lender prepare a pre-approval letter before you start looking for your next home can be beneficial. Here are three reasons why you should take action to secure a pre-approval letter when shopping for a new home in the future:

1. A pre-approval letter details your potential loan.

When buying real estate, you are undertaking a significant financial responsibility. You will want to be sure that you are prepared to pay your monthly mortgage by understanding the terms of your potential loan before putting in an offer on a property.

A pre-approval letter from your mortgage lender will provide you with valuable details regarding your future loan. Some of these details include an estimate of your monthly mortgage payment, an approximate down payment amount that will be needed to secure the loan, and the interest rate you qualify for. 

2. A pre-approval letter can help narrow your options.

There are many different properties for sale on the real estate market at any given time. Narrowing these options to find that home best suited to meet your needs can be challenging, but you can use your pre-approval letter as a tool to help you weed out homes that will not be wise investments over time.

Since your pre-approval letter contains valuable information about your potential loan, you can see how each home you are interested in fits into the parameters of that loan. The information found in your pre-approval letter will help you determine if a home is too expensive or if your down payment amount will be too great, allowing you to find the property that will fit your family's financial needs.

3. A pre-approval letter makes your offer more attractive to a seller.

It's not uncommon for a seller to receive multiple offers on their home once it has been listed on the market. This means that you might be facing some competition when it comes to purchasing your next home.

If you have a pre-approval letter, the seller knows that you will be able to secure a mortgage and complete the purchase process with ease. This convenience can make your offer more attractive, helping you beat out any other offers that have been placed on your dream home.

Understanding the benefits that you will enjoy when you opt to secure a pre-approval letter will help you make looking for a new home less stressful in the future. Contact a mortgage lending service for more information and assistance.